Book Review

Book Review

Bonus Assignment #1

See the instructor for a list of Approved Books that you may read – make your selection on or before Midterm so that you will have enough time to thoroughly read and complete your book.  Additionally the student will be required to make a presentation to a class on the book they selected.  Students are advised to not copy a book review from the NY times, internet, etc.  Any act of plagarisim or academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.

Students are required to read a nonfiction book whose subject matter is a social problem and/or social policy affecting members of a marginalized or vulnerable population group, and write a 5-page book review  (APA style) that is thoughtful, scholarly, and policy-oriented.

Each students will be assigned a book which is currently available for checkout in the library, or students may purchase  a book from the list provided online or at a local bookstore -purchase is optional.  Instructor approval is required for book selection.

The following outline must be followed :

Cover Page (APA style)

I.  Name of book, author, etc. citation & abstract

II. What was the nature and extent of social problems (and/or policy issues) that are dealt with in the book?

III. Who were the ones that were negatively or positively affected by the social problem(s)? Identify all characters, major & minor.

IV.   How effectively does the author address a particular aspect of poverty or social  welfare policy?  Defend your answer with specific references to the text (include page numbers).

V.  What goals did the author try to achieve by writing the book?

VI.  What are the book’s main points?

VII.  What are the most important social policy lessons that you took from this book?

VIII.  Identify Strengths & weaknesses of the book.

IX.  Would you recommend this book to another social work student? Why/why not?

***Please write in your own words.  Do not copy and paste information from book reviews or other articles.  Plagarism will result in a failing grade for the course.

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